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Hello Horse Owners

We are a full service veterinary clinic focusing on Sports Medicine using both Western and
English medical methods.

The care and treatment of Equine Athletes has become a very specialized area that requires
many different medical modalities.

We at Equine Edge offer some of the newest treatments with cutting edge technology
including digital x-rays, digital ultrasounds, thermography, pulse magnetic therapy,
bioscan laser therapy, as well as the Game Ready ice compression therapy.

We are also very skilled at joint injections using corticosteroids, hylaronic acid, and other
more natural options.

Equine Acupunture and Chiropractics have become both popular and necessary for today's
equine athletes. Both of these treatments are now recommended by the American
Association of Equine Practitioners.

Most of the high end show and race horses today are being seen by veterinarians trained in
these ancient medical art forms. Dr. Bartlett has been certified in both chiropractics and
acupunture as well as Thermography. We are here to help you

"Give your Horse the Edge."
Equine Edge Veterinary Services P.C is located at 1892 West Heritage Ranch Dr. Farr West, UT